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Resources from the Summit 2014


This page consists of links to the workshop notes from the 2014 Manitoba Nature Summit that was held September 12,13 and 14th at Camp Manitou in Headingly, Manitoba.

Because we know that at the Summit you’ll be too busy traipsing around the bush, communing with nature, and networking to take notes. So don’t feel pressured- get your hands dirty and immerse yourself in nature and let us take the notes for you! Click on the name of the workshop presenter if you are missing some info and wish to contact them.

Friday Morning

Outdoor Nursery School Program – Danielle Monchamp & Joelle Desrochers

Acorn Flour: Simple Yet Delicious – Laura Reeves

An Introduction to Land Art – Corine Anderson

Why Outdoor Education Works – Sara Harrison

Geology Rocks Notes – Madeleine Kettner

Wild Walks: Engaging Children in the Natural World – Kris Antonius

Friday Afternoon

Bookmates Growing Up Green: Family Literacy Program – Nancy Tovell & Lisa Gower

Inclusion in Nature – The Manitoba Inclusive Child Care Committee

Getting to the Root of it All – Laura Reeves

Naturescape for Educators: Bringing Biodiversity to the School Yard – Katrina Froese

Intro to Forest School – Mavis Lewis-Webber

Living Waters – Heather Hinam

Saturday Morning

Connecting Infants to Nature – Kim Jarmuske

Post-Summit Information _Natural Superheroes_ – Holly Greene

Wild Walks: Engaging Children in the Natural World – Kris Antonius

Fishing Basics- Alexie Mauthe

Walking Meditation – Erin Greene

Traditional Games and Activities – Blair Robillard

Saturday Afternoon

Get Out and Teach – Barret Miller

Getting the DIRT on Mud Day – Janet Berezowecki & Chantel Colli

Traditional Games and Activities – Blair Robillard

Cooking Outdoor – Brandy Avramoski

Discovering and Creating Patterns – Sarah Hadfield & Cynthia Jacobson

Living Waters – Heather Hinam

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