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Saturday Keynote – Sid Klassen

…To The Dogs

Man stands on a frozen river in front of a bridge with a kick sled and 3 sled dogs.
Sid Klassen and his sled dogs

Sid Klassen’s Keynote address will be Saturday, October 15th, 2022. He will be sharing about how he uses sled dogs in his work in the Manitoba First Nation’s Education system.

You might recognize Sid from a go-fund me he did to raise money for his after school program in Bloodvein, MB.

In his presentation he will discuss the historical role of the dog as an intermediary between man and nature. This role of the intermediary or “Go-Between” for man and nature makes the dog the ideal learning companion for school land based learning programs.

Another one of the main benefits of using dogs in school based programs is the relationship that develops between students and dogs. Having students interact with the dogs cultivates a sense of empathy, while taking part in the care of the dogs and working in the kennel will build a sense of responsibility and self discipline.  

He will also discuss the use of dog-sledding as an avenue for outdoor learning and connecting to knowledge keepers. In his program he utilizes the expertise of local Indigenous knowledge keepers and elders to escort the dog-sled out onto the trails. 

Sid is an excellent example of a local educator who is going above and beyond to connect Manitoban kids with the land and we are very excited to have him present!


Sidney Klassen is a teacher in Bloodvein, Manitoba, and ran as the NDP Candidate for Lac Du Bonnet in 2019. He is also a Dog Musher and a land-based educator.

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