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Animal Homes – Barb Carlson – Workshop 2016

*Unfortunately this workshop has been cancelled. It will be replaced with Diamond Willow Walking/Talking Sticks with Doug Mackie. You also have the choice of switching to another workshop that has space in it. Contact to arrange an alternate workshop. 

Animal Homes- Barb Carlsonbirds nest

More than a walk in the woods. Discover teachable moments that you can build on with your group of children.

This workshop will allow participates to take part in a hands on learning experience which will be all about the forest animals and the homes the animal build such a nests dens and burrows.

Throughout the workshop I will incorporate an aboriginal perspective including names of the animals in Cree. In addition participants will learn about the seven teachings, as the teachings use animals as part of the teaching.

Workshop Time: Saturday Morning

Group that this workshop is best suited for: Pre-school and School Age


Presenter Bio:


Barb Carlson has worked in the field of early childhood education for over 40 years. Presently she is employed as an instructor at UCN and teaches the Early Childhood Education diploma program. She is actively involved at promoting play in the natural environment and has always believed that the best education is the one that involves nature. She has presented workshops internationally (twice to world forum) and locally in her community.  She is presently working at becoming a Forest School Practitioner and hopes to open a forest preschool in Northern Manitoba.  When she retires she will open her own forest school and continue connecting children to nature.

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