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The Nature Playbook- Chloe Dragon Smith

The Nature Playbook: Take action to connect a new generation of Canadians with Nature- Chloe Dragon Smith

The Nature Playbook emphasizes connecting young people with Nature in empowering ways. It is a long term strategy for social, individual, and environmental health that starts with the fundamental step of getting children outdoors early and promoting free play.

The Nature Playbook is a tool that helps connect people of all ages with Nature, but also enables nature play champions to reach outside ‘the converted’ and share the message with a wider audience.  As a practical action guide, The Nature Playbook is meant to provide suggestions, but ultimately empower the user to decide what best works for them.
In this workshop, led by the lead author Chloe Dragon Smith, we will discover together how we can all use The Nature Playbook to reach not only our students, but sectors and organizations outside of our ordinary. By expanding our collective reach, we can entrench the importance of Nature play for our children and beyond.

Workshop Time: Friday Afternoon

Group that this workshop is best suited for: All


Presenter Bio:

Chloe Dragon Smith is a young Metis woman from Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. Of Chipewyan and European heritage, she grew up close to her Indigenous cultural values and learned traditional skills for living on the land. This northern upbringing helped shape her values today. 
Dragon Smith holds a degree in Earth Science from the University of Victoria. While educated in Science, she is keenly interested and has found her niche in working with people on the social/cultural benefits of the natural world, particularly where those values meet science and conservation.
Dragon Smith works with the Canadian Parks Council. Among other work, she co-chaired an intergenerational citizen working group that created a document called The Nature Playbook: Take action to connect a new generation of Canadians with Nature, which she continues to share across Canada. This project spans the continuum of Nature, reaching all generations in cities, regions, states/provinces and countries. Chloe was also recently appointed to the National Advisory Panel for the Pathway to Canada Target 1.
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