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Friday Keynote Speaker- Gillian Judson

“As a parent, I want to maintain and enrich their sense of wonder and engagement in a world that is mindbogglingly cool.   I believe worms never get boring and birdsong is never ordinary.  I believe mathematical, scientific, and historical concepts are best learned within the contexts of the hopes, fears, and passions of those who developed them.  I believe the semi-colon, colon, exclamation mark, and interrobang are unsung heroes and deserve our utmost respect.  Most of all, I believe teaching is story-telling.  The curriculum offers us many opportunities to experience this wonder-full world.” Gillian Judson excerpt from imagineED

Dr. Gillian Judson is one of the Directors of the Imaginative Education Research Group and a Lecturer in the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University. Her published work and teaching show how we can routinely engage students’ imaginations (pre-K through graduate school) to ensure effective learning across the curriculum. She is particularly interested in sustainability and how an imaginative and ecologically sensitive approach to education can lead to a sophisticated ecological consciousness. Her recent books include Engaging Imagination in Ecological Education: Practical Strategies For Teaching (UBC Press, 2015) and Imagination and the Engaged Learner: Cognitive Tools for the Classroom(Teachers’ College Press, 2015).

Here she is in a TED X talk! 

She is a featured columnist for The
Creativity Post and BAM Radio Network. Info on her recent projects can be found on her personal webpage (
Connect with Gillian on Twitter @perfinker or subscribe to her blog (imaginED education that inspires ( She can also be found on
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Dr. Judson’s Keynote will be Friday, September 14th at 9:15 am


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