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Preparing for the Seasons with Intention- Madigan Rose & Leah Smith

Preparing for the Seasons with Intention- Madigan Rose & Leah Smith

Do you want to feel a deeper connection to nature and inspire more intrigue with the children that you work with?
Participate in mindfulness exercises and thoughtful reflection as we discuss the deeper symbolism of nature’s cycles. Practice story-telling and art projects that tie the spirit of the seasonal changes into your time with children outdoors.

Workshop Time: Friday Full Day

Group that this workshop is best suited for:  All

Presenter Bios:

Madigan Rose: Maddie started off their experience in a traditional classroom setting, working with special needs students. When they began to see a pattern of children not being served by traditional educational models, they wanted to be part of the solution. Full of excitement and possibility, Maddie began traveling throughout Canada to visit Forest Schools that were already established. Now that Maddie has settled in Winnipeg, they want to dig deep and make an impact on the community. Maddie holds an ECEII and is a certified Forest School Practitioner.


Leah Smith: Leah has over 12 years of experience working with children in a variety of settings. From large early learning centers to private family child care, she brings the love of nature and the passion for the outdoors to those around her. Leah is an ECEII, Forest School Practitioner and parent of two wild children who’s experience brings a holistic approach to working with children and the adults in their lives.

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