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Call for Proposals

A small group of educators sit in a circle in a forest with leaves turning fall colours and are whittling sticks.
A small group of educators sit in a circle in a forest with leaves turning fall colours and are whittling sticks.

Thanks for your interest but the call for proposals is now closed! If you submitted a proposal please get your workshop contracts returned asap!

We are excited to announce the 2022 Manitoba Nature Summit this fall on October 13,14 &15th (*please note these dates have been edited from Oct. 20-22) at Camp Assiniboia- 2220 Lido Plage Road, 5 minutes past the perimetre near Beaudry Park! We are making a call out for workshop proposals (below) so if you have an outdoor skill or inspiration that you think will help other educators to take their children outside and help them develop a relationship to the land- please submit a proposal. Keep reading for more info:

Manitoba Nature Summit is a non-profit, charitable organization that provides opportunities for educators to learn about nature, alleviate fears, and pass a renewed sense of wonder on to the children in their lives. We aim to engage educators in the outdoors and give them the inspiration and confidence to foster creativity, adventure, and an appreciation of the natural world in their students.  

Proposals are currently being accepted for Manitoba Nature Summit 2022 which will take place October 13-15, 2022 at Camp Assiniboia. Could you offer a workshop that would inspire educators in the out-of-doors? Preference will be given to facilitators who maximize outdoor time in their workshops and the use of Powerpoint-type or AV presentations is strongly discouraged.  Workshops should be hands-on, interactive and experiential.  

Our goal is to provide workshops for educators that are hands on and develop concrete skills that they can use to get children outside. Topics can range from birding, fishing, geocaching, art, drama, music to orienteering, outdoor cooking, wild crafting, tree climbing, group games, risk assessment, forest school, and much more!

Workshops can be half day (2 hours in the morning or 2 hours in the afternoon) or full day (4 hours + lunch break). Preference will be given to facilitators willing to provide a full day workshop or two half day workshops (one half day workshop repeated). Each workshop should be able to accommodate 20-25 participants. Workshops will be held on Friday, Oct. 14th and Saturday, Oct. 15th.

Some activities may fall outside of the official workshop time. For example: early morning yoga, night hike, evening sit spot time, star stories, campfire storytelling/singing etc. If you are interested in facilitating an evening or morning event, please fill out a proposal form as well.

Please carefully answer all the questions on the following form. Save the completed workshop proposal as a new file by replacing ‘NatureSummit’ with your name in the file name.  (e.g. WorkshopProposal2022-YourName.doc) and email it to 

Also, please be sure to include a photo along with your workshop proposal (facilitator photos are posted with workshop descriptions on our website). Our committee members are volunteers with limited time to hunt for additional/missing information – incomplete proposals may not be considered. 

This is our first Summit since 2018 and we want to make it extra special! Space is limited – get your proposal in ASAP.  Deadline for proposals is June 24th, 2022.

Workshop proposal PDF

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