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Workshops-Acorn Flour: Simple Yet Delicious- Laura Reeves

Acorn Flour: Simple Yet Delicious


Workshop Description:

Acorns were a staple food among Native Americans for 1,000’s of years, but today, most people don’t even know that they are edible. Find out how to harvest, process and prepare acorn flour so that you and your students can enjoy a tasty treat of acorn pancakes!

This workshop is best for those who work with:  Preschool (2-6 years), School-age (6-12 years), Youth (10-18 years)

This workshop will be held on: Friday AM

Presenter’s Bio:


Laura Reeves is a botanist with a penchant for wild foods and wilderness skills.

In 2012, she founded Prairie Shore Botanicals through which she offers workshops, school programs and medicinal herbs.

Laura has taken 8 courses at Tom Brown’s Tracking, Nature and Wilderness Survival School and is currently working on the Kamana Naturalist Training Program through Wilderness Awareness School.

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