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Communicating with Nature


Communicating with Nature

Nature has lessons for those who listen, and hearing these lessons is easier than we think.  In fact, it is natural for us to do so.  Learn the simple techniques to open up the channels of communication between yourself and everything in Nature to live a more fulfilled, balanced, healthy, inspired and magical life.

Developing a relationship with Nature is like building a friendship, it takes time and sincerity.  Participants will learn the simple techniques of how to feel our energy as well as the energy of Nature.


  • how to relax and calm our energy so that we are inviting for Nature and can hear her lessons,
  • how to match our energy with the healing rhythm of Nature,
  • the benefits of walking barefoot,
  • the secrets of Natural Walking,
  • how to talk to the trees,
  • how to ask Nature for her guidance,
  • see faces within Nature,
  • how to share and absorb healing energy with Nature,
  • how to see ourselves the way that Nature sees us,
  • to observe without judgement,
  • how to notice and pay attention to the signs that Nature sends us,
  • the different languages in which she speaks (finding feathers, animal symbolism,  shapes in the clouds, feelings/telepathy).

These techniques are simple and easy to apply to everyday life.  Connecting with Nature is truly about connecting with ourselves at our deepest, most authentic level.

Workshop Time: Saturday afternoon

Group this workshop is best suited for: All

Jessie Klassen is a farmer, writer, and Reiki Master.


Growing up on a farm in rural Manitoba she has always lived her life close to Nature.


It is within this setting along with family elders who were deeply connected to Nature where Jessie developed her strong relationship with the natural workd.


It was through her training in Reiki where Jessie further developed her skills and abilities to sense energy and interact with all life.


She lives on her farm with her husband and three children.

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