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Astronomy for Everyone- Dave Barnes- Workshops 2016

Astronomy for Everyone- Dave Barnes- Workshops 2016

starry night

Practical astronomy through story telling, accessible for all. Everyone can learn astronomy! Take your passion to the stars!

Participants will gain a basic understanding of planets, stars, constellations and movements in the celestial sphere. Outdoors, we will explore the connections between myth and science as Dave gives a laser tour of the night sky.

Stay warm! think parka, toque, sleeping bag, thermal pad, reclining lawn chair, etc. Binoculars recommended.

*This workshop will only be available to people who are registered for the whole weekend as it will happen at night time*

You will sign up for this workshop when you arrive at Camp Manitou. It WILL NOT be part of your on-line registration.

Group that this workshop is best suited for: School age to Adult

Presenter Bio:

Dave Barnes is a retired high school teacher whose career centred on outdoor experiential education with 16-year-olds. Today he makes maple syrup at Treesblood Farm and chairs the Board of Assiniboine Food Forest, a 40-acre habitat regeneration project in Brandon.

Dave Barnes

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