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Taking Nature Awareness to a New Level- Laura Reeves- Workshops 2016

Taking Nature Awareness to a New Level- Laura Reeves- Workshops 2016

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When I was young, I believed that the Earth would be better off if humans didn’t exist. It seemedlike wherever humans went, all that remained was a path of destruction. I didn’t want it to be this way. I loved nature, yet for all the time I spent hanging out in woods and meadows, I felt, on a deeper level, like I didn’t belong. Whenever I stepped into the woods, animals would flee in all directions, or loudly announce my presence like I was some sort of intruder. I felt like an alien. An outsider to outside. And it tore me up inside.A lot has changed since then.

Not only have I learned how to move in nature so as not to strike fear into everything around me, I have learned that humans are perfectly capable of being caretakers of the Earth and leaving a path of life and abundance behind.

In this fun and enlightening workshop, I will help you gain a deeper sense of place and belonging in nature. I will teach you how to fine-tune your senses to pick up on nature’s subtle clues and sync your body and mind to the flow of nature. By learning to ask the Sacred Question, you will develop your sense of curiosity and wonder even further. I will introduce you to the profound teachings of the Secret Spot so that you, too, can feel the magic that comes with getting to know one place really well. The knowledge you gain here will create the foundation you need to be a caretaker of the Earth.

Time of the workshop: Friday Afternoon

Group that this workshop is best suited for: All Ages

Presenter Bio:

laura reeves

Laura Reeves is a botanist and wild food aficionado who regularly shares her passion for wild plants through hands-on workshops, presentations and private land consultations. She is the founder of Prairie Shore Botanicals and author of “Laura Reeves’ Guide to Useful Plants – FromAcorns to Zoom Sticks”. Though her main passion is wild edible and medicinal plants,she is easily distracted by projects and skills relating to nature awareness and wilderness survival. Laura has taken 8 courses at Tom Brown’s Tracking, Nature and Wilderness Survival School in New Jersey as well as the Kamana Naturalist Training Program through Wilderness Awareness School.


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