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Workshop-Why Outdoor Education Works- Sara Harrison

MomentaWhy Outdoor Education Works- Sara Harrison & Lise Brown of Momenta

Workshop Description:

Experience the benefits of outdoor education similar to what a participant may feel during a program. Be prepared for a fun and active workshop, where theory and research are taught through activities that can be used with children, youth, and adults. This workshop will give participants research based theory on which to base their Outdoor Education programs while at the same time teaching games, and activities to use with their groups in their own practice.

Group this workshop would be best suited for: School-age (6-12 years), Youth (10-18 years)

This workshop will be offered: Friday AM

Presenter Bio:

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Sara HarrisonSara Harrison completed her undergraduate in Criminology with her research focus in wilderness therapy, completed the Canadian Outdoor Leadership Training and the University of Manitoba Applied Counselling  Program. Sara specializes in leading remote and urban therapeutic adventure programs that provide  opportunities for participants to learn about themselves through positive risk taking. Sara has a special interest in creating safe space, relationship building, leadership development and behaviour management.


Lise BrownLise Brown (BRS, MIRSW) completed her Bachelor of Recreation in 2001, and her Masters of Social Work in 2007. She studied community development, wilderness therapy,program evaluation, and co-occurring disorders. Lise completed a Certificate in Expressive Arts Therapy in 2012. Lise uses these skills to facilitate groups and counsel individuals both in urban and wilderness environments with a focus on physical and emotional safety, successful participation, fun, meaningful activity and group cohesion.

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