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Sunday Morning… or why you should stay for the whole Nature Summit.


As educators we believe that it is important to incorporate reflection into your practice so we wanted to plan time during the Summit to consciously look back on what we’ve learned and be thankful for the opportunity.

Our Sunday morning Closing Ceremony this year will be lead by Rob Apetagon.

Rob is Cree, born in Norway House and raised in Churchill, Manitoba. He has been doing ceremony for many years and sharing his teachings with others in schools, colleges, universities, organizations, and communities.

rob 2012 2

You will be tired on Saturday night and be starting to think wistfully about your bed and your shower, but we would encourage you to stick around and take time for one last opportunity to connect with nature, your self, and the other Summit participants.

Bring your coffee, a lawn chair or a blanket and a open heart.

Rob 2012

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