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Ecovillages: An Intro for Educators – Jacob Buller – Workshop 2016

Ecovillages: An Introduction for Educators- Jacob Buller- Workshops 2016

Today we have everything at our fingertips to reinvent the way our communities are structured, to change the direction of human effort and through this, our future relationships with each other and our planet. In this workshop, participants will learn how people can come together and not only survive, but to thrive by cocreating cooperative communities integrated and balanced with natural ecologies.Community

Workshop time: Saturday Afternoon

Group that this workshop is best suited for: Youth/Adult


Presenter Bio:

As a husband and father first and writer and journalist second, Jacob thinks about the future his boys will inherit. As a boy, he built forts and romped in the woods by his home, enjoying tracking, climbing trees and swimming in the creek. JacobBuller
Today he lives in Winnipeg’s North End, and he and his wife are looking for a home in the country for their family.
He blogs about the adventures of family visits to different intentional communities, including ecovillages, Hutterite colonies and Earthships. His journalism has been published by The Aquarian, a local newspaper and he has self-published his own fiction. He also leads the development of a website to help facilitate the cocreation of ecovillages in Manitoba.


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