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Wild Walks: Handcraft Harvest- Kris Antonius- Workshops 2016

Wild Walks: Handcraft Harvest- Kris Antonius & Maria Epp-Workshops 2016

wild walks

Do you want to get your learners moving and engaging with nature? Join us for an exploration of tried and true, fun and educational nature walk tips and activities. Harvest nature walk ideas as you also harvest items from nature to use in the hand-craft and kitchen projects we’ll dig into after our walk. Learn how just one nature walk can set you up for a week of related learning!


Time of the workshop: Saturday Morning and Saturday Afternoon

Group that this workshop is best suited for: Preschool and School Age



Presenter Bio:
Kris Antonius has a crew of four budding naturalists – Kris Vineyard2ages 6, 9, 12, and 16 – three of whom she spends her days with, focused on simple living, learning, making, and eating. A former educator, and huge fan of child-led learning, Kris learns alongside her children about nature, hand-crafting, homesteading, and growing, cooking and eating good food. You can follow her homeschooling and urban-homesteading adventures at

maria eppMaria Epp – Mom to two eager girls (6 and 4) who love playing outdoors. Educating from home, we are continually inspired by the natural world around us as our teacher. Trips to wild parks, natural learning centres and along the river are highlights for us. Foraging and cooking with wild edibles has become a new hobby as well as creating an adventure play space in our back yard. We incorporate art and cooking into our learning as we get to know the plants and animals in a more in-depth way.

You can visit our blog to see some of our discoveries!

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