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Meet the Nature Summit Organizing Committee – part 1

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Meet Ruth Lindsey-Armstrong.

Although she will deny it vehemently she is the fearless leader- aka Chairperson of the Nature Summit. While there were a number of us all thinking the same things at the time, she was the one who stepped up and did something about it. So although we function mainly on a consensus basis the Nature Summit would not exist without her. So on behalf of everyone who loves the Nature Summit- Thanks Ruth!

She is a mother of two and an outdoor enthusiast who can be found cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and hiking in her free-time (ha!).

She is an ECE III, BA in Developmental Studies and MA in Adult Education.

Ruth is currently an Instructor in the Early Childhood Education Workplace Program at Red River College of Applied Arts, Science and Technology.

Ruth loves frogs.



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