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MNACC News 2012/13

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Hi! did you miss me?

Just thought i’d update you on the plans for MNACC this year. In case you don’t know MNACC is the Manitoba Nature Action Collaborative for Children. It is a Winnipeg based networking group inspired by the likes of the World Forum Foundation’sNature Action Collaborative for Children and the Children and Nature Network. If you’d like to learn more about nature education, nature playgrounds, land based learning, landscape architecture, risky or big body play- then you should come to one of these gatherings!

February 2013Ruth Lindsey-Armstrong is working on a hands on / first hand outdoor adventure for us.  Some of you will remember a similar evening that was planned a few years ago.  Here is your chance to discover for yourself what fun winter can be for adults and children alike.

·         April 2013 – Just back from an international “Design Conference” sponsored by the World Forum Foundation, we have asked Paulette Monita to take this meeting and share the many interesting things she learned while in California this past June.

·         June 2013 – we are hoping to bring back an idea that never took flight last time we planned it.  The idea is to have 4-8 walking tours in different parts of the city.  Each tour would take ECE staff on a hike highlighting some of the great natural environments that others have discovered in the community, and which in many cases have been under-utilized by us as ECE’s.  We might just end the evening by gathering at the Forks around a camp fire to share our experiences.  If you would be interested in leading one of these hikes, please let us know.

Hope to see you there!

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