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Workshops- Growing up Green

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*Please note that there is a change in presenters for this workshop. Maryanne and Valerie will be presenting in place of Rhonda.

The “Growing up Green” project is a family literacy and learning program that is in the developmental stages.

The project will support the development of a six week program with parents and children learning together. The purpose of the program will be to expand parent’s knowledge of environmental health and “plant the seed” about caring for our environment in the minds of young children.

Research shows that the influences in the first five years of life for a child will affect how they view the world for the rest of their lives. Parents will be encouraged to dialogue with their children in ways that enhance learning about environmental health.

Experiences in nature are essential for healthy childhood development and for the physical and emotional health of both children and adults. How children respond to nature and our environment and how parents raise their children, will shape the future of our communities and environmental health.

By interacting with their children through play, rhymes and books provided through the program, families will experience the joys of learning together while furthering their experiences and knowledge of good environmental practices and offering tools to foster their connection to nature and the environment.

Maryanne Sproule

Maryanne is a trainer for Bookmates and an experienced facilitator of parent-child programs and workshops. As a child, she spent her summers at her family cottage and now enjoys camping with her family and encouraging a love of learning outdoors with her four children. She strongly believes that children need to connect with nature regularly for optimum development and overall health. She enjoys helping to develop new programs like “Growing Up Green” and mentoring facilitators to run family learning programs in their community.

Valerie Gendron

Valerie is a program trainer with Bookmates and enjoys facilitating groups and delivering programs in diverse communities. Valerie and her family have created many memories as they explored the magic of the outdoors with extended family and friends. She looks forward to sharing the many positive benefits of spending time outdoors with her grandson.

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