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Recently I tackled the job of organizing the links on our resource page.  I also added a few more links related to play and nature that I had found to be valuable, fun or interesting.   Since then I have found some more items of interest that I’d like to share.

I got to wondering though that I’m not sure how often anyone goes to check out our resource page.  How useful is this stuff if no one knows it is there?   I decided that when I have some new resources to add it might be a good idea to write a short post just to let you know that there are some new links.

So, check out these new links and then go to our resources page and see what other links we have available there too.

Here is an excellent post about essential items for an outdoor classroom

Playgroundology is starting a new project – a collection of words related to play featuring one letter per day.  Today is letter ‘D’ – new letter every day until Christmas.  Check it out…

Check out these ideas for play – sign up to receive weekly play planner

Recycle! Here’s a cool post about new uses for old board games

Great article about healthy brains

Some great ice play ideas

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