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Top Twenty Reasons to attend the 2012 Manitoba Nature Summit

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1.) To network with some truly amazing people.

2.) To re-discover wonder.

3.) Because when else can you attend a conference and not wear dress pants?

4.) You want a world that values play and children who appreciate nature.

5.) There will be cool swag.

6.) Because Severn Suzuki is the hippest environmentalist you are likely to meet this year.

7.) The folks at Diversity Foods make delicious, sustainable eats.

8.) You missed out on summer camp as a child.

9.) So you can be inspired to be a better educator.

10.) You realize that Marc Battle and Kim Hanna’s singing workshop can only be improved by the addition of a campfire.

11.) You’d like to get 24 hours of Professional Development for the low, low price of $250 including meals and accomodations.

12.) You’ve always wanted to learn about animal behaviour from someone called Dr.Hoo.

13.) You’ve tried gardening with children but all you got was a patch of weeds and angry neighbours

14.) What the heck is geocaching anyway?

15.) You’d like to take children outside more but their parents will complain about them getting dirty and you are worried that someone will get hurt.

16.) You think the idea of Nature Kindergartens is cool but you wonder where they use the bathroom.

17.) You’d like to learn how to address a variety of learning areas in your outdoor classroom.

18.) You like to jump in puddles

19.) You missed the last Nature Summit and you still regret it.
and last but not least…

20.) To see Kristi’s pajamas

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