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Pop-Up Adventure Play meets Manitoba Nature Summit!

The folks from Pop-Up Adventure Play will be joining the us this August 18th and 19th for 2 fun events at Brant-Argyle School just past the Winnipeg Perimeter! Check out our Facebook event page for a ride-sharing.

They are:

The Amazing Benefits of Play A 2-hour workshop with Manitoba Nature Summit, as part of the Pop-Up Adventure Play’s Pop-Up Canada Tour 2017. Throughout this workshop Pop-Up Adventure Play aim to help participants bridge the gap between what early childhood experts know children and families need and the realities of life today. Decades of empirical research show that ‘free’ play is absolutely essential to healthy human development and well-being, and yet barriers to children’s self-directed play remain. This public presentation showcases inspiring play provision from around the world, aiming to broaden participant understanding of play and its importance in a wider context adding a ‘next level’ for those who already believe in the benefits and importance of children’s self-directed play. We will explore some basic playwork techniques and theories giving participants the opportunity experience play for themselves and to take home ideas and action points back to their working environments.

This workshop will be held from 2:00-4:00 pm at Brant-Argyle School. Snacks and Beverages will be provided. Tickets are $15 and are available on Eventbrite, but there are only 50 tickets available! Proceeds will be donated to the Ruth Lyndsey-Armstrong Scholarship Fund.

Family Pop-Up Adventure Play Event Join the folks from Pop-Up Adventure Play, The Manitoba Nature Summit Inc. and Brant-Argyle school for 3 hours of pop-up adventure play on Saturday, August 19th. This event is free of charge but please pick up tickets from Eventbrite so we know what snacks and beverages to bring!

This event will be start at 10:30 and end around 1:30. Snacks and beverages will be provided.

Please bring some loose parts along with you for the event!

The Manitoba Nature Summit would like to thank the Winnipeg Foundation for supporting these events and making quality outdoor play accessible for Manitoba educators and families!


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