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Meet The Manitoba Nature Summit Organizing Committee: Erin Waterman

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Meet Erin Waterman the Manitoba Nature Summit’s new Volunteer Coordinator!

I love being outside! Growing up on Vancouver Island camping, fishing, hiking, and mountain biking helped me develop my addiction for nature and being outside. When I moved to the Yukon I developed a love for winter…the colder the better! One of my favourite feelings is when I feel my eyelashes freeze (though having spent a winter living in a wall tent, I know the cold can have its drawbacks…it’s hard to wash your hair with frozen shampoo!)

I try to pass down my outdoor passion to my two kids. I love seeing kids running around outside creating, imagining or just cloud-gazing.  As a family we love camping and canoeing, cross country skiing, and playing around in the backyard in our outdoor kitchen. The kids think I’m crazy when I pick them up on their bikes from school in the winter or when we grow 5 apple trees in our house, but whatever we’re doing we make it fun!

I have a background in Environmental Management and I love hugging trees. I am thrilled to be on the board with all these inspiring members who share a passion for getting people outside!

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