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Two Weeks Outdoors (T.W.O) Challenge 2013

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Child holding dragonfly
Child holding dragonfly

If you would like to learn more about the TWO weeks outdoors Challenge join M.N.A.C.C. (Manitoba Nature Action Collaborative for Children) on  April 17, 2013 (7:00 pm) at Discovery Children’s Centre. If Two weeks sounds too scary- don’t worry you can start small and keep growing! RSVP to if you are planning on attending.

T.W.O. was initiated by Doris Storey of Winnipeg in 2011.  The idea was quickly picked up by about 4 other centre in the Winnipeg Region that same year.

Last year after the T.W.O. challenge spread to other parts of our country.  We heard from 17 programs from Sault St. Marie, Ontario to Vancouver Island, B.C. that they too had risen to the challenge and ventured outside for extended periods of time

Some programs have started with a two day version of the challenge and others have extended their time to 3 weeks.  We are open to whatever you think you can do, just join in the fun and adventure.  Some spent a half day outside (like our Infant Program), some came in for nap and others slept outside.  It was wonderful to see the variety and the adaptations you made to accommodate your individual uniqueness’s.

To make it easier for first timers we have planned a meeting on April 17, 2013 (7:00 pm) at Discovery Children’s Centre to share the successes and pitfalls that have been experienced by those who have already done this.  We are planning to have representatives from Infant, Preschool, and School-age programs, administrators, and we are presently looking for some Nursery School and Kindergarten teachers that participated that would be willing to sit on the panel for that evening.  Give me a call if you can help out with this.  I have yet to talk to an ECE or teacher who has been disappointed that they took on the challenge.  I’ve heard nothing but excitement, adventure, and a desire to continue on with these special events from the folk who have taken the brave step in accepting the challenge.

So, please help spread the word and invite your colleagues to this informative evening of short presentations followed by long discussion times with all attendees.  RSVP to if you are planning on attending.

*Editor’s Note

What I remember most about last years meeting about the TWO weeks outdoor challenge is ECE’s sharing how they had prepared many activities and supplies in preparation for two weeks, but in the end hardly used any of them. Instead the children structured their own learning. I also remember feeling excited to hear ECE’s talk about how amazing it was to not have a bunch of transitions in their day. If the children wanted to spend two hours making a fort (read:den for our european friends) then they could instead of being interupted by the clean-up song (don’t get me started on the clean-up song…) when they were just getting rolling.

Also- Manitoba Nature Summit would love it if you’d share your TWO Challenge photos and stories with us. Track us down on FB (Manitoba NatureSummit) or email


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