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Shout Out to Northwestern Air Lease Ltd.

The Manitoba Nature Summit Inc. would like to acknowledge and thank Northwestern Air Lease Ltd. for donating 2 return flights so that our Keynote Speakers can make it to Yellowknife!

We are touched and amazed by their generosity and hope they realize that their kind donation will support hundreds of teachers to begin connecting their students to the land!

Please make sure that you support Northwestern Air Lease Ltd. if you have the opportunity. It is generous, responsible businesses like this who make Canada a great country.

Thanks with all our hearts!

We would also like to thank Brenda Dragon who took it upon herself to ask them on our behalf. It’s pretty special to have a keynote speaker who is so committed to presenting at your conference that they arrange their own free ride. We are blown away!

On behalf of the Committee Members and Participants of the Manitoba Nature Summit Inc.

Corine Anderson and Maddi Kettner-Baisburd- Co-Chairs

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