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Next MNACC meeting is March 1st (Thursday)

· The meeting will be held at Discovery Children’s Centre – 367 Hampton Street (Winnipeg) – starting at 7:00 pm

· The topic of the meeting will be “A How to Guide for an Outdoor Project”.

· Following last year’s most successful “Two Week Outdoors” project by about 6 centres, we have decided to extend the challenge once again. We’ve learned some lessons, and had some incredible experiences and we want to share them with others. Staff from Seven Oaks Child Care, MFRC, and Discovery Centre will present on a variety of topics including:

· How to inspire your coworkers.

· How to involve and prepare your parents

· What kind of a program and preparation work needs to be done to make this work.

· What are some of the best things we each did during that 2 weeks.

· How to handle the food needs at snack and lunch. Hand washing, best and worst food ideas, etc.

· How does sleeping work outside

· What about rainy days

· How to document and report on the happenings of each day to parents, coworkers, and your boss.

· If two weeks seems to be beyond your comfort zone, do not fear. We invite you to consider what is within your comfort zone. Perhaps it’s a half day outside (from drop off to lunch), one day, or even one week. We will be attempting to document what you are planning, so let us know what you are planning.

· We have set June 4 – 15 as the target two week period for 2012 as it coincides with June 15 which has been established (in Canada) as national “Nature Play Day” by The Child Nature Alliance

· Please RSVP to if you are planning to attend the meeting.

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