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Another Month Closer

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Nature Summit 2012 is getting closer.  The list of things that need to be done is becoming much longer.  Excitement is growing.  Our next big event — the ‘Dinner and a Movie‘ fundraiser — is coming up in just two weeks.

As February ends I want to share some of the interesting things that I have found across the web in the last month;

Good Housekeeping article about overcoming barriers to get children outdoors

A spectacular environment for play – just don’t call it a playground

Enlightening article about learning math and science naturally – the Waldorf way

Bokashi composting

Article about an outdoor nursery school in Chevy Chase, Maryland

Site for nature activities for young children

Insects, Spiders and Moths – Oh My! Amazing photos.

If you need another activity idea – A Winter Alphabet Wall

Outdoor play is not a waste of time — Well Said

More amazing photos — Icelandic Volcano Erupts Against Aurora Borealis

Article about polar bears in Churchhill

Two words – Snow Circles

Now here’s even more snow art Fantastic!

Article about using gardens to assist healing

Interesting new information about an incredible songbird migration

Combine or combat – Media and the outdoors

Our children are not the only ones suffering from lack of outdoor time – check out this article about Apps for Apes

Get Outside and PLAY!

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