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Workshops- Seed Paper Making and Outdoor Nature Hike

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D. Kazina

Deanna Kazina has worked with Bridging The Gap, since 2007 as an interpreter and is presently the Program Manager. She has spent many years working with children from Winnipeg’s core neighbourhoods teaching gardening and environmental issues. She holds a deep passion for the environment and aims to impart this message to all students, helping to expand their understanding and knowledge. She is currently a Research Assistant at the University of Winnipeg in the Education Department. She has spent two years studying at the University of Winnipeg and is working towards completing her Bachelor of Science.

Deanna will be facilitating two workshops. One will be Making Recycled Paper which she described as such:

In this 1.5 hour workshop participants will learn the basics of paper making. They will hear stories from the presenter on the experience of making bison dung paper for a grade four Bison Curriculum. Participants will then use recycled paper along side materials collected naturally such as leaves to construct their own paper. Seeds will be pressed into the paper for planting at a date of their choice. Suggestion of how this activity can fit into age appropriate learning outcomes will be discussed.

Her second workshop will be an Outdoor Nature Hike.

This workshop will run approximately 1 hour. Participants will spend a few minutes being familiarized with the Bridging The Gap Program. Following this introduction, participants will explore the nearby river bottom forest through a hike lead by a Bridging The Gap staff and a City of Winnipeg Naturalists Services Interpreter.
The hike will focus on describing the local habitat/ecosystem and the medicinal/edible plants found within, emphasizing that this type of environmental learning can be duplicated anywhere. The workshop will conclude with participants enjoying a cup of a wild edible, child friendly tea such as itchy bum (rose hip) or stinging nettle. Participants are asked to bring their own mug.


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