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The Power of Networking

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Brief chat before our first workshops

Position yourself as a center of influence – the one who knows the movers and shakers. People will respond to that, and you’ll soon become what you project.

Bob Burg
If you are new, you won’t know that Manitoba Nature Summit Inc. is more than a professional development event…we are actually part of a larger movement to get kids outside.  A movement that started and continues to be characterized by the power of networking.
People may disagree but in my mind this movement started spontaneously all over North America and other places internationally (although it seems many places are saying-“duh! what’s the brouhaha all about”). Here in Manitoba when Discovery  Children’s Centre started their adventure playground it was like they started a wildfire which turned into the Manitoba Nature Action Collaborative for Children. MNACC is a nature education networking power group. If you want to know where to start building your new outdoor play space these are the people to talk to! Meetings are so inspiring that from it the Nature Summit was born.
To the organizing committee- this spirit of networking and “meeting of the minds” is central to the concept of the Nature Summit. That is why we have the resource fair and most of our workshop presenters are from right here in Manitoba. We want to celebrate the wealth of resources available right here in our own neighbourhood!
The most important ingredient in this networking is YOU. We hope when you arrive you will be prepared to share your successes and challenges. Please bring your business cards, your scrapbooks, the lyrics to your favorite campfire songs, the equipment needed to play your favorite outdoor activity and be prepared to share your expertise and excellence with everyone in attendance. We can arrange a meeting place and plan some workshops but it will be your contribution that helps move the 2012 Manitoba Nature Summit from a PD event into a grassroots revolution!
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