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Nature Summit Manitoba

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For all knowledge and wonder (which is the seed of knowledge) is an impression of pleasure in itself. -Francis Bacon

There is a growing movement of educators who understand that the solution to childhood obesity, and a disconnection to the natural world, is rooted in active nature education programs for children. Schools are building outdoor classrooms,Adventure Playgrounds are growing increasingly common, Early Learning and Care Centres are planting gardens, and administrators are drafting policies about the importance of environmental education.

All these things should lead to children experiencing more quality time in green spaces. However, on the front lines we still see children being kept indoors because of inclement weather, limited nature experiences due to fears for safety, and teachers afraid to use outdoor classrooms because they themselves are uncomfortable leaving the indoors. How do we expect educators who are afraid of nature to pass on a sense of wonder to our children?

The Nature Summit is the answer. The Summit allows educators to immerse themselves in nature and rediscover their own sense of wonder. Participants of the Nature Summit will explore natural plants, taste wild liquorice, learn how to cook over an open fire, how to plant a container garden, and how to engage children by pretending they are animals in woodland games and much, much more. Summit workshops and experiences are hands-on opportunities to build skills that can be used in developing an effective nature education curriculum.

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