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Top 20 Reasons to Attend the 2018 Manitoba Nature Summit!!

1.) To network with some truly amazing people.

2.) To re-discover wonder.

3.) Because when else can you attend a conference and not have to iron anything?

4.) You want a world that values play and children who appreciate nature.

5.) You need to stock up on Snow Saws and McNally Robinson’s Nature Books, as well as the other exciting vendors at the Resource Fair.

6.) Because you miss your sit spot.

7.) The best place to learn storytelling and drumming skills is around the campfire.

8.) You need to add to your wood cookie necklace collection.

9.) You’d like to channel your inner Gandalf and whittle a walking stick with Doug Mackie and the Mensheds group.

10.) You’d like to develop a deeper connection with nature so you can pass it along to the children you work with.

11.) You’d like to get your yearly allotment of Professional Development hours by playing outside rather than sitting in a dreary conference room.

12.) Two Words: Zip Line

13.) You are dying to know who has the best footy pajamas at the Summit.

14.) You love singing an acapella 90’s boyband mashup around the campfire with 40 of you newest bff’s.

15.)You missed the night hike with Maddi last time and you still regret it!

16.) You need to defend your Giant Jenga title.

17.) You can’t wait to see the Nature Matters Film!

18.) You haven’t missed a single Nature Summit and you’ve been looking forward to it since 2016. Or…

19.) You missed the last Nature Summit and you still regret it.
and last but not least…

20.) To help build a vibrant community of nature play in Manitoba and across Canada!

Don’t miss out! To Register for the 2016 Manitoba Nature Summit please follow this link:

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