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Meet the Nature Summit Organizing Committee – Part 6

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Jamie at Kitkatla Island

Meet Jamie Snydal!

Affectionately known as Martha amongst committee members because not only is she always beyond organized in her projects but she also makes them look pretty and brings dainties to boot.

Here’s what Jamie writes for herself:

Hello to all checking us out 🙂

My name is Jamie Snydal and I am the Director of Stanley Knowles Pre-School Center Inc. and have been in the Early Child Care Education field for 22 years and proud to say at the same center.  I enjoy taking in the beauty of nature whenever I can.  Majestic trees are my favorite thing since standing beside a 100 year old Cedar tree out on KitKatla Island off the coast of Prince Rupert, B.C.   Trees change with every season and each season brings its own beauty.  There is nothing like the sound of the leaves on a summer day when the wind blows and the trees dance and sway, the picturesque scene of hoarfrost in the cold winter mornings, or the excitement of the first buds of leaves in the spring, and last but not least the colorful array of the ever changing fall leaves, yes trees are my favorite part of nature!  But my favorite thing at the Center is MUD DAY where every child should have the opportunity to get good and dirty and laugh the day away.

I also like to garden and have numerous plants inside and outside my home and enjoy sitting back and watching them grow.  You can find me out curling, skiing, walking, biking, or cheering on my favorite boys in Blue and Gold as well as the Gold Eyes as they too are found outdoors!

I am member of the Manitoba Nature Action Collaborative for Children and was looking for something more to get involved with when we started up the Nature Summit committee of which I am the Vice Chair and the head of the  Fundraising Committee.

To email Jamie click here.

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