Meet the Nature Summit Organizing Committee part 5


Corine in a quinzy


I’m Corine Anderson.

I am the Curriculum and Inclusion Specialist at  SPLASH Child Care Inc. were I work primarily with the school age children.

I grew up in rural Saskatchewan and spent the bulk of my childhood building tree forts, collecting bugs and eating random berries from the forest. So when I first started working in School Age Care in Calgary I was confused about what city kids would play with. Luckily, we managed to find some good climbing trees in the neighbourhood and built a wicked snowfort on the edge of the parking lot and i’ve never looked back. I’m so happy to have found a community of people who also think it’s important for children to jump in puddles and catch earthworms.

In my free time (ha!) i am finishing up my ECE 3 and I belong to the School Age Support Committee, the Nature Summit Organizing Committee and the Manitoba Nature Action Collaborative for Children. I also like to garden, curl, cook, read, bike, and play my guitar-preferably around a campfire.

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