Taking the Indoors Out With a Well Packed Wagon- Kay Mauricio, Jessica Ewasiuk & Sarah Macpherson

We believe that anything you can do inside, you can do outside. In this hands-on workshop we will show you how our school age roll away program found that a well-packed wagon can bring you outdoors for hours of play and still provides a curriculum that touches on all the same areas that you have indoors. We will also identify areas of the forest that provide you with natural ways of providing curriculum areas that require no additional materials other than what the forest offers.

Today, educators must advocate for the importance of outdoor play. We will share through group discussion, with our documentation, hands on activities and reflective practice. This workshop will help create or strengthen your outdoor play tool belt and inspire your time outside!

Please bring any questions you have about outdoor play (positive or negative) for discussion. List of affordable resources and materials will be available.

Workshop Time: Saturday Afternoon

Group that this workshop is best suited for: School Age

Presenter Bios:

Kayla Mauricio is an ECE II who has worked in the child care field for 10 years.

Jessica Ewasiuk is a new graduate from the workplace program and has worked in the child care field since 2013.

Sara MacPherson is currently enrolled in her 2nd year in the workplace program and has worked in the child care field since 2011.