Planning with the Seasons & Celebrating Rhythm in our Programs

– Sarah Hadfield- Workshops 2016

seasonsHow can educators find the pace to stay ahead of it all instead of falling behind? Yet at the
same time, how can we slow down our practice to make mindful decisions? How does the pattern of the seasons create meaning, purpose, and engagement in our practice and our programs? Taking clues from nature, we will attempt to create harmony between traditional knowledge and modern expectations while planning for the school year. After an open discussion and collaboration, we will look at inspiring food, festivals, and stories as a way to connect our school, program, or classroom plans with the natural rhythms. Participants will have the opportunity to sketch, scratch, jot, draw, list, or dream of an ideal year of learning. An inspiring and supportive opportunity for anyone planning for the school year, home-schooling, or developing on-going programs for children.

Time of the workshop: Saturday Morning and Afternoon

Group that this workshop is best suited for: Administrators, Teachers, Directors, or anyone who plans curriculum for children of all ages.


Presenter Bio:Sarah Hatfield

Sarah Hadfield is the teaching principal at a 101-year-old little school on the prairie: Brant-Argyle School. She is dedicated to creating warm and nurturing spaces in the school setting, outdoor education, and inquiry-based, multi-level learning. Sarah was introduced to the Nature Summit community in 2014 when she lead a workshop on patterns/art in nature and has been inspired-by and in-love with them ever since.