5 Dangerous Things you Should let Your Child do – Gever Tulley Ted Talks. Seriously watch this and then I’d like someone to start a branch of the Tinkering School in Winnipeg, please.

..And this is my Garden Film – Katharina Stieffenhofer Buffalo Gal Pictures. More local Manitoba amazingness. Set in a rural northern community this  film documents a classrooms school gardening project. Contact Katharina to arrange a screening at your school, daycare or community centre!

Active Kids Club – AKC started as an outdoor playgroup in Oriole Park in 2005 in Toronto, Canada. Information about everything you need to know about connecting children and adults to nature and play.

Alliance for Childhood – “work intensively on [fighting the] loss of creative play and hands-on activities in children’s lives, and the excessive amounts of time spent in front of screens instead of in face-to-face engagement with other children, caring adults, and the natural world. We also work against the commercialization of childhood, the misuse of high-stakes testing, and increasing levels of childhood obesity.” Not the prettiest site (sorry AFC) but highly useful and keep up the good work!

Benefits of Risk in Children’s Play – Alliance for Childhood.  This is a great video- not too long. Includes a concise definition of risk. Tim Gill speaks in this film.

Caro & Co: Connecting Kids to the Wonder of Outdoors – Caro Webster – This is a commercial site but it’s beautiful, inspiring and has some great content. There is content on gardening, discovery, imagination, animals and more. Caro is also the author of Small Fry Outdoors.

Child’s Play Music– is one of the multitude of fabulous Aussie play resources. Don’t let the title fool you, although Alec Duncan focuses on Music this site is certainly not limited to music. My favorite is the many great pics of outdoor music walls.

Children’s Risky Play from an Evolutionary Perspective: The Anti-Phobic
Effects of Thrilling ExperiencesEllen Beate Hansen Sandseter, Department of Physical Education, Queen Maud University College of Early Childhood Education (DMMH), Trondheim, Norway. E-mail: ebs@dmmh.no (Corresponding author).Leif Edward Ottesen Kennair, Department of Psychology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Trondheim, Norway. – Risky play is DAP!

Edible Schoolyard – The Edible School Yard Project – Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School, Berkley California. Fantastic and inspirational activity ideas.

Entomology for BeginnersHein Bijlmakers- Not sure where this comes from. It’s not the prettiest site in existence but if your kids come in with a creepy crawly this is a good place to start.

Exploration’s Early Learning– Champions of play Tasha and Jeff Johnson from Souix City, Iowa.

Impact of Space Requirements On Outdoor Play Areas In Public KindergartensAskild H Nilsen and Caroline M Hagerhall an article from the Nordic Journal of Architectural Research. Good article and has an excellent bibliography of other great research on outdoor play spaces.

Let the Children Play– is the brain child of Jennifer Kable an Australian ECE and mother. Jenny’s blog is prolific and aesthetically pleasing. I highly recommend it.

Managing Risk in Play Provision: A Position Statement – Play Safety Forum Play England.  A discussion paper on safety/risk.

Manitoba Nature Summit– Follow us on Pinterest!

Norwegian Kindergarten Video – Active Kids Club – here is a nice little filmlette about the culture of outdoor play in Norway vs. Ireland. It is the perfect length to show at a staff meeting or presentation.

Novices Guide to Vegetable Gardening – Brush up on the fundamentals, also useful as an FYI for parents.

Ooey Gooey Inc.- is the brain child of Lisa Murphy. I went to one of Lisa’s workshops this spring and it was worth the money just because I haven’t laughed that much in years. Besides presenting workshops she has a multi-media empire that includes books, dvd’s, podcasts and various social media platforms.

Outdoor Classroom – Priscilla Logan – Activity ideas for outdoor classrooms

Outdoor Recreation Participation Report 2008 – The Outdoor Foundation – A great study about how adults must model having fun in the outdoors if we want children to choose to play outside. Thus, the reason for the Nature Summit.

Patches of Green: Early Childhood Environmental Education in Australia: Scope, Status and Direction – EPA Social Research Series – This study is based in Australia. It is a bit of a long read but much of it applies here in Canada and there are also lots of interesting resources. Also, our own Mavis Lewis-Webber is included in the bibliography!

Play Again Film – Tonje Hessen Schei – Ground Productions. We love this film! this documentary is about a group of tech-addicted teens and pre-teens who do a week long media fast. Very enlightening.

Play is More Than Just Fun– is a Ted Talk by play researcher Dr.Stuart Brown of the National Institute for Play.

Re-thinking Childhood – Authour Tim Gill’s Blog. Tim’s book Growing up in a Risk Adverse Society is fighting the good fight. Yay, tree-climbing! His sight is a wealth of useful links and well-written observations. He discusses topics surrounding play and risk in childhood. Tim also has a book called No Fear.

Risky play among four and five year old children in preschool – Ellen Beate Hansen Sandseter Queen Maud University College. Need some evidence to back up your tree climbing expedition? Here you go!

School Garden WizardEliza Fournier of Chicago Botanical Garden’s school garden program. This is a step-by-step guide on how to start a gardening program at your school; beginning with funding, how to convince your administration and including curriculum and assessment tools.

School Starting Age: The EvidenceDavid Whitebread of the University of Cambridge shares his interesting evidence about  when children should start formal schooling.

Sowing the Seeds – London Sustainable Development Commission – a report on the steps required in London to increase quality outside time for children. A great model for us all to follow. Includes stuff on risk assessment and green space development and use.

Sprout City FarmsVideo  and website about an amazing Farm to Cafeteria program.

The American Journal of Play – The Strong. A free on-line multidisciplinary journal that includes peer reviewed articles about the importance of play.

The Casual Gardener Shawna Coronado built an awesome fairy garden.  She also offers other sustainable garden and green lifestyle tips.

The Grass Stain Guru – Bethe Almaraz. Bethe is seriously funny and smart. She has some inspirational tidbits, photos and good ideas.

UK Forestry Commission – Nature Play –  A practical guide on nature play offers fun, simple and cost effective examples of play ideas from easily sourced materials.

Weather-Related Outdoor Play Policies in Child Care Centers Within a Single County of Ohio– Kristen A. Copeland, MD; Susan N. Sherman, DPA; Jane C. Khoury, PhD; Karla E. Foster, MS; Brian E. Saelens, PhD; Heidi J. Kalkwarf, PhD – The title says it all. Once again there are some great studies referenced in this piece if you need more research. 

Why Gardening Makes You Happy and Cures Depression – Robin Francis Permiculture College Australia. Got the blues? Get thee to a garden! accessible research alert.